Brew Haven 2023 Homebrew Olympics

Brew Haven Olympics hosted by New England Brewing Company

January 25th 2023

The teams were set, the regions were assigned. What came next was… brewing of course.

The Brew Haven Olympics is a fun event which this year saw 12 members participate in. Each participant was assigned to a team of 3 and each team was assigned to a region of the world. The rules were as follows:

  • Brew 3 beers (1 for each member) that represent your region.
    • Each beer must have a regional ingredient featured.
  • Design a unique flag for your team
  • Meet/interview a native person from your region.

The 4 regions were:

  • Western Europe
  • Eastern Europe
  • Africa
  • Asia/Australia/New Zealand
Most of the participants

After all of the beers were rated using a google form that Ike created (Thanks Ike!). The votes were tallied and the results were announced.


GOLD to Eastern Europe with a Czech Pils (Kevin L), Piwo Grodziskie (Andy O), and Baltic Porter (Mike D).

SILVER to NewAustaliAsiaLand with their NZ IPA (John O), Pale Ale (Rob B), and Rice lager (Mike G).

BRONZE to Western Europe with their lavender Biere de Mars (Will R), Chardonnay Ale (Mike L), and Raspbery-Lychee-Rose Wheat (Ike). 

Eastern Europe with their appropriately fitting “flag”
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