Fantasy Homebrew Draft

Fantasy Homebrew Draft

This idea was ingeniously thought up and pitched by Scott G. A committee was quickly formed and the logistics and fine details were ironed out. The word was sent out, admissions fee’s collected and the participant list was finalized. On Tuesday February 11, 12 of us gathered at NEBCO to fill our roster’s, pick by snake-y pick from the draft list, in hopes to create a delicious or interesting beer.

1. Choose from any category at any time (Base malt and yeast can only be chosen once each)
2. Must only use the ingredients selected in the draft, aside from clarifying/mineral/bottling products.
3. Must use at least 6 of the 8 ingredients selected
4. Base malt must be 50-100% of grist.
5. Specialty malts must be no greater than 20% of grist each
6. Beer must be brewed after 2/11/2019
7. Malts cannot be modified (no home roasting).

Now that these rules laid out we got to the show started, picking from 1-12 then 12-1 in a snake draft format.

Some chose base malts to start, some chose yeast, and some strangely picked adjuncts… After the dust settled, the draft list was finalized and displayed on the projector for all to bewilderingly look at.

Here’s how things ended up.

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