Brew Haven Monthly Meeting Minutes 4/17/19

** Minutes recorded by Isaac Brickett


Brew Haven Homebrew Club

Meeting Agenda/Minutes


Tribus Beer Co.
100 Raton Dr, Milford, CT 06461




  • Welcome New Members
  • Monthly Style: Trappist Ales
    • Single, Dubbel, Trippel
    • Website Articles & Content (Andy & Mike)
    • If you have something you’d like to write about that’s beer or Brew Haven related, send your article to
    • Articles are needed for August or later so plenty of time to draft something up!
  • HomeBrewCon ‘19 Providence – Club Planning (Pat)
    • Price to register for HBC goesup on May 1. If you plan on attending register soon!
    • BH Swag Bag details should be ready in the first week on May, stay tuned.
    • 10 beers from 8 people going to HBC have been registered so far. Looking for more.
    • If you’d like to register a beer to be served at club night or social, follow the link below for instructions
    • Sign up



  • Recent Winners:
    • National:
      • Matt Knight
      • Joe Zaleski
    • Ocean State
      • Matt Knight
        • Imperial Stout
        • Spiced Cider
        • Spiced Beer
      • Krysztof
        • American Brown
        • Kentucky Common
        • Rauchbier
      • Mike Davies
        • Cali Common
        • Baltic Porter
      • David Hope-Ross
        • Munich Dunkel


  • Charter Oak Wort Share
    • No club winners
    • Consider adding 4 bottle submissions to the CT Comp next year


  • South Shore Brewoff
    • Mansfield, MA
    • Judging on Saturday, April 20th, 2019 starting at 8:30 am.


  • Bad Sons Brewer’s Ball
    • Saturday April 27th


  • Maltose Express Contest
    • Entry Cutoff : April 27th by 3:00PM
    • $5 Per Entry, One Entry Per Brewer
    • Must be in 2x 12oz bottles or larger with unmarked caps
    • All Styles Allowed Except Sours, Lambics, Ciders & Meads
    • Prejudging to be held on May 8th – Final Judging on May 15th
    • Contest Website


  • Stormville Airport’s 2nd Annual
    • Stormville/Poughkeepsie NY
    • Hosted by Hudson Valley Home Brewers
    • Entries accepts between 3/1 and 4/30
    • Judging on June 30th at Stormville Airports Food Truck and Craft Beer festival
    • Register


Club Events:



  • Westville Artwalk
    • May 10th
    • 11-12 people are registered
    • Tonight is last night to sign up if you were interested in pouring.
    • Reach out to Andy or Mike for more details.
    • Ice will be provided.



Planning Committees:


  • Homebrew Con ’19 Providence, RI June 27-29


Next Meeting


  • Next meeting will be on Tuesday May 21nd at


New England Brewing Company
175 Amity Rd, Woodbridge, CT 06525


  • Monthly Style: Style-Free Night



Have a topic you’d like to discuss next meeting? Got an idea for an event? Let us know ahead of time so we can get it added to the agenda! Contact


Monthly Style: Trappist Ale


Featured Beer: Colin’s Belgian Trippel



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