Brew Haven Monthly Meeting Minutes 3/27/19

Brew Haven Homebrew Club

Meeting Agenda/Minutes


No Worries Brewing Company
2520 State St, Hamden, CT 06517




  • Welcome New Members
  • Monthly Style: Bitter European Beers
    • Kolsch, German Pils, Vienna Lager, Altbier
    • Joe B brought a pilsner that used Fuggles which elicited a few gasps and I think someone fainted. By all accounts it was delicious. Correction- Joe went home and realized he used tettnanger (don’t skin him alive!)
  • Website Articles & Content (Joe)
    • Leadership committee will be publishing website content once a month to the website. Feedback is welcome.
    • If you have something you’d like to write about that’s beer or Brew Haven related, send your article in to the
    • Articles are needed for August or later so plenty of time to draft something up!
  • HomeBrewCon ‘19 Providence – Club Planning (Pat)
    • Club will participate in Club night! Committee is working on booth design to be revealed later.
    • Survey will go out later as well to know who’s coming and for what dates and times to help coordinate everyone.
    • BH Swag pack for purchase is being put together. Will include a BH work shirt, bag, and other goodies. Will be an all or nothing purchase and only available to those going to HBC 2019. pricing to follow.
    • If you’d like to register a beer to be served at club night or social, follow the link below for instructions
    • Sign up
  • AHA Big Brew Day – May 4, 2019. Recipes to be announced.  Do we want to do an event?
    • Pierre offered to host a a day on his 20gal system
    • Reach out if anyone else is interested in hosting as multiple sites are an option.



  • Recent Winners:
    • Matt Knight
    • Krzysztof Lasocki
  • CT Brew Club Competition
    • Results, comments
  • Bad Sons Brewer’s Ball
    • Saturday April 27th
  • Charter Oak Wort Share
    • Friday April 12 7:00pm
  • South Shore Brewoff
    • Mansfield, MA
    • Entry deadline is Friday, April 5th, 2019 at 4 pm.
    • Judging date is Saturday, April 20th, 2019 starting at 8:30 am.
    • See website for more details
    • Register
  • Stormville Airport’s 2nd Annual
    • Stormville/Poughkeepsie NY
    • Hosted by Hudson Valley Home Brewers
    • Entries accepts between 3/1 and 4/30
    • Judging on June 30th at Stormville Airports Food Truck and Craft Beer festival
    • Register


Club Events:


  • Homebrew Days
    • Using the AHA Big Brew Day as a launching point, the club would like to encourage members to get together and Brew more often!
    • If your interested in hosting a Homebrew day Meetup where you Brew reach out to
  • Westville Artwalk
    • May 10th
    • Reach out to Andy or Mike for more details. Looking to get head counts sooner than later for the event organizers
    • Ice will be provided.

Planning Committees:


  • Homebrew Con ’19 Providence, RI June 27-29


Next Meeting

  • Next meeting will be on April 17th at

Counter Weight Brewing Co
23 Raccio Park Rd, Hamden, CT 06514

  • Monthly Style: Trappist Ales
  • Brush up on your BJCP style guidelines before the meeting so we can have a fun and educational conversation


Have a topic you’d like to discuss next meeting? Got an idea for an event? Let us know ahead of time so we can get it added to the agenda! Contact


Monthly Style: Bitter European Beers


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