Brew Haven Monthly Minutes 8/22

Brew Haven Homebrew Club

8/22/18 Meeting Minutes

The Rough Draft

295 Treadwell St Hamden, CT 06514





  • Brew Haven now with 100% more Power Points

John and Andy changed up the format a bit at the meeting taking advantage of a projector to go through business via Power Point. Please send in any feedback you have on the new approach.


  • 2019 Style Calendar

Revisions were made to push the club competitions out an extra month to allow for more time to select beers to send to Homebrew Con ’19.

  • Pierre suggested adding two historical styles to the calendar: Kvass and Kveik. Heffeweizen was removed from July and Kvass was put in its place. Andy requests that everyone brings Heffe’s every other month to make up for the slight.
  • SMaSH Ales were discussed as a monthly style and the details still need to be firmed up. The original intention is to showcase hops without the malt bill getting in the way and/or vice-versa.


  • Hats

Andy still has Brew Haven hats for sale, $20 for members, $25 for non-members


  • Sensory Panel

Mike and Andy are going to be leading a group to plan out a sensory panel for the club. A few details need to be worked out and they are looking for members interested in participating or helping plan it out.


  • Electronic Scoring

Isaac is working on a way to electronically score beers for internal competitions as well as providing better feedback to both judges and entrants. If you’re interested in helping out, testing the forms, or just want more information, reach out to him for details.


  • BJCP Scoresheets Review & Belgian Tripels from Pierre & Kristoff

Andy took the club through the standard BJCP scoresheet, explaining Subjectivity and Objectivity along the way. Pierre and Kristoff provided one beer each that fit the Tripel style and the club used the scoresheets to review their beers and provide observation notes as well as constructive feedback. General consensus was that most liked the exercise, but it should be limited to one beer review in the future for time constraints.





  • New Haven Land Trust Beer and Oysters Sept 16th

Andy is coordinating this event for September and is looking for people to donate 5 gallons and serve at the event. It’s a good crowd with good conversations, not a typical drunk fest. Will be indoors this year, pets and kids are welcome.


  • Smoke in the Valley IV Oct 6th

Kevin, Colin, Sean, and a few others are planning on attending SitV. If you’re planning on going reach out to Kevin to coordinate setting the club up as a group at the event. This is a good opportunity to recruit new members and have a good group showing at a public event. Email to sign up.


  • Brew Haven Pale Beer Competition Oct 24th

Internal fall competition this year will be a Pale Beer (no IPA) competition in which all beers entered need to be 8SRm or below. More details will be posted to the website soon. Competition rules are as follows:

  • All Brew Haven members are eligible to enter.
  • Must submit one 64 oz growler (or equivalent volume) to be eligible for judging.
  • Beer must be pale in color (less than 8 SRM).
  • To cut down on an already popular style, and to encourage exploration of other great beer styles, no IPAs will be accepted for judging in this competition.
  • Beer must be brewed to a BJCP style for judging purposes.
  • Entries will be judged by meeting attendees.
  • Prizes will be awarded to the top three beers.
  • All entries must be registered electronically with organizer by Wednesday, October 17, 2018.


  • Southern New England Regional Homebrew Competition (SNERHC) Oct 28th

Event is coming up in October. Members are highly encouraged to participate as brewers, judges, and stewards. If you haven’t done one before or if it’s you 100th time, it’s a great opportunity to get solid feedback on your beers or get better at giving feedback in meetings.


  • Learn to Homebrew Day Nov 3rd

No Worries has invited up back for Learn to Homebrew Day! Dave Hope-Ross  is looking for two volunteers (an all-grain brewer and an extract brewer) to demonstrate making beer for a group of people. See Dave if you’re interested in participating.




Planning Committees:


  • Homebrew Con ’19 Providence, RI June 27-29

Pat DiCaprio is hosting a planning committee meeting at his house Friday night (8/24) to kick off the talks about the clubs plans for Homebrew Con. Reach out to him if you’re interested in attending.


  • CT Only Club Competition

Andy is looking for anyone who is interested in developing the guidelines for the CT Only Club Comp. The goal is for Brew Haven to host it sometime in Feb/March ’19, so planning needs to get kicked off soon. Reach out to Andy or John if interested in helping out.


Next Meeting


  • Next meeting will be on September 26th at The Rough Draft – 295 Treadwell St Hamden, CT 06514


  • Monthly Style: German Beers
    • Brush up on your BJCP style guidelines before the meeting so we can have a fun and educational conversation


Have a topic you’d like to discuss next meeting? Got an idea for an event? Let us know ahead of time so we can get it added to the agenda! Contact


Monthly Style: Belgian Beers


Featured Beer: ____________

  • On-Style beers:

Pierre Margraff – Belgian Tripel

Kristoff – Belgian Tripel

Dave Granucci – Belgian Saison

Cam – Belgian Dark

Colin Milne – Trappist Single

Kevin L – Tripel


  • Beer Jail:

Isaac Brickett – Nel’s Brown Ale

Isaac Brickett – Old Hob’s Nut Brown Ale

Isaac Brickett – Builder’s Brown Ale

Pierre Mcgraff – NEIPA

Cam – Coffee Stout

Kevin L – Porter (Bourbon Barrel w/ Coffee)

Kevin L – Kölsch

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