Geuze Quixotique

Dan likes to live on the funky side. He continually brings excellent sours to our meetings and this was no exception. It involves a blend of 2 beers, a Braggot and a Pale ale SMaSH. You may not be able to replicate this exact recipe since dan used wild cultured yeast but you should try it anyway.

He explains how here:
The funky part was that prior to brewing I made starter wort and left it outside in a makeshift koelship during the evening then put it in a jug with an air lock for about a month until I was sure it was a viable catch. Feeding it more dme along the way. Once I was happy with it, I brewed and pitched it into my beer. Aged the smash for about a year and the second brew about 7 months before blending and bottling.

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 10.56.41 AM

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 10.56.12 AM

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