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10 Gallon recipe

30# 2-Row (Obviously you’ll have different results with different brands/country of origin. It’s for you to find which is the best)
0.5# Roasted Barley (UK)

Mash 60 min. at 153 degrees.

Take 1 gallon of first runnings and add to separate kettle/pot. Boil hard for 1 hour before adding into main brew kettle.
Rest of wort goes into brew kettle, boil vigorously for 2+ hours adding hops at 90 and 30 minutes. You’ll be boiling off more than usual so be sure to have enough runnings from the mash tun.

3oz East Kent Goldings (UK) 90 min.
2.5oz East Kent Goldings (UK) 30 min.

I used WYeast 1728 Scotish Ale. I believe this is the one and only to use for this beer. It provides a smokey-ness and residual sweetness you won’t find using other British style yeasts. Best to have a very large starter, this yeast will start too slowly without one.
In lieu of a barrel I recommend using American oak cubes – medium toast in a secondary. I will not use chips or spirals or anything other than the cubes. Sometimes I sterilize by putting them into an oven set on broil for 20 minutes. I wouldn’t consider steaming them because I do not want to loose that toast on the outside of the cube. Sometimes I do not sterilize the cubes at all… I ant skerd. I think 2 weeks is about how long to get sufficient oak flavor from the cubes…YMMV. I happened to barrel age mine (first use, new barrel) for 22 days and feel it was a bit too much.

Any questions feel free to ask.

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