Galaxy Destroyer

Congratulations to Adam Schmidt for winning the clubs vote for his Galaxy Destroyer IIPA. This beer is extremely tasty and refreshingly hoppy. BREW IT NOW!

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Wyeast London III
Starter created to bring total cell count up since it’s a high gravity beer


Calcium 110 ppm
Mag 34 ppm
Sodium 30 ppm
Sulfate ~90 ppm (just a guess, I put a pinch of gypsum in. I would recommend trying a 1:2 ratio of sulfate to choride though)
Chloride 174 ppm

    Mash schedule

Mash grains at 151 for 60 minutes
Raise temp for 10 minutes or until 170 for mashout

Hop stand at flameout. FO = Hops added directly at flameout. FO2 = Hops added about 15-20 minutes later when temp had dropped to 180F. Total hop stand time 25 minutes.

    Fermentation schedule

Fermentation started at 64 degrees in basement w/ cold tub
Raised internally to 65-66
After 2 days removed from tub to ambient basement 66-68 degrees
After 5 days moved upstairs to 68-70 degrees as fermentation slowed
Fementation picked up again
After 8-9 days krausen dropped
At 10th day dry hopped
Bottled 14th day

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