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Club Gueuze/ Lambic Project

We’re planning a group brew for Brew Haven and we want to go funky and sour on this one.  We will coordinate a group gueuze brew.  We plan on having individuals brew a traditional lambic recipe (60% base barley malt, 40% unmalted wheat- using a turbid mash) and leaving the beer open to the air […]

Stony Creek Brewery Tour

It’s been a while since we had a Brew Haven exclusive brewery tour, so let’s change that, shall we? Stony Creek Brewing in Branford will host Brew Haven members on Saturday, February 18, 2017. We will be given a private tour and we have asked that they specifically discuss, amongst other topics, their award-winning Dock […]

New Meeting Day!

We are moving our meeting day to the Third Tuesday of the month at the Outer Space in Hamden.  The time hasn’t changed.  Just the day. In addition, please remember that the kitchen is open at the Outer Space prior to our meetings, so feel free to show up early and get some food at […]

BYO Subscriptions

Hey Everyone.  At our last meeting, I announced that we have an opportunity to get some club funds by organizing BYO subscriptions. The deal is you would pay $35 for a year subscription to Brew Your Own magazine (print and digital).  BYO will kick half of that subscription fee back to the club ($17.50 per […]

Brew Haven Annual Dues!

Remember when you were just starting out and dreaming of greatness, and some grizzled old timer said to you, “listen kid, ya gotta pay your dues!” Grizzled Old Timers are wise and learned, and they have a heck of a point: paying your 2017 dues covers the cost of the club’s insurance policy and other […]

Aspetuck Tour.

A couple of us were lucky enough to hang out with Peter Cowles at Aspetuck Brew Labs on Sunday 6/26.  We had a great time.  It’s always nice to talk beer with someone as passionate about their craft as Peter.  He has been home brewing for 18 years or so and opened Aspetuck Brew Labs this past […]

Brew Haven @ HomeBrew Con!

Andy, Ben, and Josh will be heading down to Baltimore, MD to represent Brew Haven at the American Homebrewers Association’s Homebrew National Convention June 9-11. This is the largest homebrew event every year. Clubs from all over attend along with vendors, authors and well known beer gurus. The AHA Hombrew Con (National Homebrewers Conference) is […]

New Meeting Format

Brew Haven leadership sat down this weekend to hash out club business. Based upon input from the club and the success of the format of the stout competition, we’re going to change up the meeting format a bit. Rather than pass the monthly styles around the room, we’ll move to a format where people will […]

2015 Club Recap

2015 was an amazing year for Brew Haven. We made great strides toward growing in size, legitimizing and protecting the club by becoming a sanctioned club with the AHA, establishing a set of ByLaws, establishing various structures in the club to invite participation in club leadership and steering by all members, filing necessary paperwork to […]

It’s membership time!

Howdy- whether you’re a perspective member (you know you want to) or a current member (thanks for being awesome!) it’s a new year and with that comes a whole new opportunity to pay some dues! $25 gets you all the great privileges of being of being a member in good standing in Brew Haven, which […]