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Fantasy Homebrew Draft

Fantasy Homebrew Draft This idea was ingeniously thought up and pitched by Scott G. A committee was quickly formed and the logistics and fine details were ironed out. The word was sent out, admissions fee’s collected and the participant list was finalized. On Tuesday February 11, 12 of us gathered at NEBCO to fill our […]

Competition Brewing

The vast majority of us as homebrewers brew the beer that we want to drink at home.  The vast majority of us are happy with the results of our work.  The overwhelming majority of the people we give our beer to at home love it and want some more (because, Hey! Free Beer!).  We get […]

Brew Haven Work Shirts!

**UPDATE!! ORDERS FOR WORK SHIRTS HAVE NOW CLOSED** We’ve been wanting to get club work shirts made for ages and are finally doing it! Should be in time for HomeBrewCon as well. All members are welcome to order. Red Kap brand short sleeve shirt embroidered in maroon threading with the full BH logo over one […]

Lost and Found Beer

Lost and Found Beer – Authored by Josh Jayne   One of the wonderful things about beer is that it’s so diverse. Aside from the dozens of styles laid out in the BJCP guidelines, there are just as many historic, extinct and, esoteric styles out there to explore.  Here are a few examples that you […]