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Brew Haven Monthly Meeting Minutes 4/17/19

** Minutes recorded by Isaac Brickett   Brew Haven Homebrew Club Meeting Agenda/Minutes 4/17/19 Tribus Beer Co. 100 Raton Dr, Milford, CT 06461 7:00pm-9:00pm   Business: Welcome New Members Monthly Style: Trappist Ales Single, Dubbel, Trippel Website Articles & Content (Andy & Mike) If you have something you’d like to write about that’s beer or […]

New Meeting Place Tonight

The Rough Draft experienced devastating floods in yesterday’s storm, and will be closed as they explore their repair and recovery. No Worries Brewing Co. has offered us space to meet there!!! So we are on for tonight’s meeting!! Please keep Chris, Karen, Matt and everyone at the Rough Draft in your thoughts today. I hope […]

Club Gueuze/ Lambic Project

We’re planning a group brew for Brew Haven and we want to go funky and sour on this one.  We will coordinate a group gueuze brew.  We plan on having individuals brew a traditional lambic recipe (60% base barley malt, 40% unmalted wheat- using a turbid mash) and leaving the beer open to the air […]