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Stony Creek Brewery Tour

It’s been a while since we had a Brew Haven exclusive brewery tour, so let’s change that, shall we? Stony Creek Brewing in Branford will host Brew Haven members on Saturday, February 18, 2017. We will be given a private tour and we have asked that they specifically discuss, amongst other topics, their award-winning Dock […]

Brew Haven Annual Dues!

Remember when you were just starting out and dreaming of greatness, and some grizzled old timer said to you, “listen kid, ya gotta pay your dues!” Grizzled Old Timers are wise and learned, and they have a heck of a point: paying your 2017 dues covers the cost of the club’s insurance policy and other […]

It’s membership time!

Howdy- whether you’re a perspective member (you know you want to) or a current member (thanks for being awesome!) it’s a new year and with that comes a whole new opportunity to pay some dues! $25 gets you all the great privileges of being of being a member in good standing in Brew Haven, which […]