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Stout/Porter Competition

The March monthly meeting will include a Stout/Porter competition.  This includes any beer that may fall in these category’s or a sub category.  Ex. Milk stout, brown porter..etc.  If you’d like to participate all you’ll need to do is bring at least 32oz of your beer. Format: The format of this competition will be relatively […]

Brew Haven @ HomeBrew Con!

Andy, Ben, and Josh will be heading down to Baltimore, MD to represent Brew Haven at the American Homebrewers Association’s Homebrew National Convention June 9-11. This is the largest homebrew event every year. Clubs from all over attend along with vendors, authors and well known beer gurus. The AHA Hombrew Con (National Homebrewers Conference) is […]

New Meeting Format

Brew Haven leadership sat down this weekend to hash out club business. Based upon input from the club and the success of the format of the stout competition, we’re going to change up the meeting format a bit. Rather than pass the monthly styles around the room, we’ll move to a format where people will […]

Featured Beers!

Have you ever wanted to know the recipe for that amazing beer you tasted last meeting? Well… Put down your beer. Notice anything new at the top of the page? Go ahead… Click it! Introducing “Featured Beers” Featured Beers is the newest addition to which will feature 1 recipe each month, decided by us […]